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highs and lows for sports fans. >> the redskins lose a win and lose their star quarterback in the process. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we're also talking about a different kind of low, low temperatures. we haven't seen this in a long time. take a look at the numbers. there are winter coat temperatures for a lot of folks. into the 30s for many of you right now. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here this morning. the bearer of bad news. >> no. >> i'm just calling it like i see it. >> honestly, there's mixed reviews. a lot of people like the cool fall weather. my dad was wearing shorts yesterday, i kid you not. >> he probably has the birkenstocks too. >> he's very heaardy, to say th
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least. at least we're not getting rain at the same time as the cold, but we will see showers move in later today. we'll go from cold to chilly. it will be a chilly rain this afternoon. on storm team 4 radar as i scoot on in, we do have some showers down south of petersburg and bluegrass and west virginia. rest of the area right now is dry. we are going to see clouds increase very quickly, i think by 10:00 a.m. we'll have a cloudy sky. by 11:00 a.m. to noontime, that rain through areas of tennessee and back down through kentucky and the deep south, that's what's going to be streaming through our area from afternoon through the evening and into tomorrow morning. temperature-wise, look how cold. 39 in gaithersburg, 42 in dulles. i'm starting to see the temperatures come up a degree or two. from 45 to 46 in d.c. 47 in ft. belvoir and down around alexandria. 8:00 a.m. today, cold. break out the coat, 38 to 45.
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showers by midday, 48 to 53. your high today around 49 to 56 degrees throughout the area. let's hit the roads and see if we've got any problems on this columbus day. mike? >> thank you very much, veronica. things looking great on the interstates. federal restrictions lifted because of the holiday. here we are at the american legion bridge. no serious backups. traffic heading away from the screen is the inner loop. and looking good on the sousa bridge in each direction. let's take another look at the rails right now. no marc or vre service. and metro is on a limited schedule. yesterday's loss to the falcons may be the costliest for the redskins. rookie quarterback robert griffin iii never finished the game. he suffered a concussion on this hit in the third quarter. rg3 remained on the ground for a few moments after that play before stumbling to his feet. head coach mike shanahan said he
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knew something was wrong. >> wasn't sure what quarter it was in the third quarter. it's 'that time when he wasn't really sure what the score was, what quarter it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. feels good right now, a lot better right now, but that was the situation, why he didn't go back into the game. >> rg3 later tweeted he will play next weekend's game, but the decisions are out of his hands. he has to clear the nfl's concussion protocol before he can practice or play again. this might not have been a great weekend for the redskins, but nats fans have reason to celebrate this morning. the nationals won their first postseason game since moving to washington. they beat the st. louis cardinals 3-2 yesterday in game one of the national league division series. tyler moore was the star of the game. he drove in the tying and winning runs with the pinch-hit in the eighth inning. >> coming off the bench in front of 50,000 people, it's crazy.
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i've been in that position before, and i was able to calm myself down and put the barrel on it. >> the nationals will take a commanding 2-0 lead in st. louis. first pitch is scheduled for just after 4:30. >> that ball is hit well to left. mcleod back to the track, to the wall, and it's gone. >> orioles fans probably a little grumpier than nats fans this morning, probably more tired too. the o's lost their first playoff game in 15 years last night, falling 7-2. the yankees scored four runs in the ninth inning to break a 2-2 tie. today mitt romney will deliver a major foreign policy speech in lexington. the speech called the mantel of leadership is the republican's tenth address on foreign policy since december of 2011. according to early exsercerpts
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today's speech, the former massachusetts governor will criticize the president's passive leadership in the middle east saying, "i know the president hopes for a safer, freer, and more prosperous middle east allied with the united states. i share this hope, but hope is not a strategy. we cannot support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds." >> today president obama will wrap up his two-day fund-raising trip in california. he will announce the establishment. caesar chavez national monument. yesterday the president spoke at a fund-raising concert. he poked a little fun at himself as well and his recent debate performance. >> everybody here is incredible professional, they're such great frep friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night mr. obama also attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow he will hit the
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campaign trail in ohio. the pressure is on for this thursday's vice presidential depate. vice president joe biden is taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare. biden has suggested he wants to address the differences between himself and his republican counterpart in the aftermath of president obama's lackluster performance and his debate with rommy. ♪ kid rock is joining republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the campaign trail today. the singer is attending a rally for ryan tonight in rochester, michigan. this isn't the first time he's attended gop events. kid rock attended a fund-raising event in michigan back in august, and at the republican national convention in tampa. new this morning, venezuelan president hugo chavez has been reelected to a third term in office. chavez wins after a tight race and a record turnout. he told supporters last night in caracas that he would sit down
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with opposition leaders to work for a better venezuela. this comes just months after rumors the 58-year-old was dying from cancer. right now at 6:06, a wild end to a wedding night. a brawl caught on camera. police using clubs to subdue the crowd. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do...
6:08 am pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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time is 6:10. when is the last time you sent an old fashioned greeting card? hallmark is closing one of its greeting card plants in texas. doing so reduces production by a third and cuts about 300,000
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jobs. more and more people are using social media to contact people for those big events. there's so many of those different sites where you can send invitations out for free. >> i'm on board with that. when it comes to a birthday or holiday, i want to open a card. >> something to be said about that, old fashioned card. >> i like that. >> let's get a check on the weather with veronica johnson. >> same here. it's kind of like it's part of the present, right? we've got something to greet you this morning, and that is some mighty cold air settled in over the overnight period. we'll start with radar. we do have light showers in west virginia. we're talking about rain later today with this chilly air. right now most of the rain in kentucky and tennessee. probably arriving here 11:homeowner a.11:00 a.m. to noontime. 46, you can see right here in d.c. and trinidad. 39 currently, ft. belvoir and
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down around clinton. for your hometown forecast, clinton, maryland, we'll see clouds increase. we're talking about rain from noontime to 1:00 today. the high just 56 degrees, and that's it. a look at the seven day forecast coming up. right now, first 4 traffic. things looking good for the columbus day commute. northbound 95 in virginia looking great right now. let's take a live look just north of joplin road. no serious backups. and also looking good at fairfax county parkway. traffic heading away from the screen is the northbound side. about a 13-minute side on the 95 from the prince william parkway to the beltway at 60 miles an hour. a major construction project with one pretty small problem. what's holding it up? we'll tell you. ♪
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earning 1% cash back [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. 6:15, breaking news in montgomery county. a live look at a police involved shooting in silver spring. just a short time ago, police apparently responded to a call about a man making threats to himself and possibly others. police say there was some sort of confrontation with that man, and they believe he was armed. so police were forced to fire. we'll have a live update from the scene in just a few moments. >> tony tull is at the news 4 live desk. the first nobel prize of 2012 is was just announced. british researcher gurden and
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yamanaka of japan got the medical prize. they learned cells can be programmed into cells that can become any cell in the body. they'll take home a $1.2 million prize for their achievement, though that's a 20% reduction. the nobel prize for physics on tuesday, followed by literature on thursday, and the peace prize will be announced on friday. live at the news desk, tony tull, news 4. police are trying to figure out what led to a brawl between two wedding parties at a philadelphia hotel. the fight ended with one man dead, several people hurt, and at least four people arrested. a sheraton hotel guest shot this video with his cell phone and posted it on youtube. you can see several police officers clash with some of the wedding guests. police say at least 75, maybe 100 people were fighting by the
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time they got there. >> just started punching each other and hitting each other. >> and some of the video, it looks like the bride, one of the brides may have been punched as well. we're told the uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died. the sheraton hotel released a statement offering its condolences and also says it's cooperating with the police investigation. right now police in westminster, colorado, hope a new clue could lead them to a 10-year-old girl who hasn't been seen in three days. jessica ridgeway left for school friday but never showed up. yesterday search crews found her backpack and water bottle on a sidewalk several miles from her home. police hope that children in the area may have seen her and will come forward with information. investigators are blaming friendly fire for a shooting that killed a border agent last week. nicholas ivie died last tuesday. the head of the border patrol agents union said he shot at two fellow agents he thought were
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armed smugglers. they fired back, killing him. ivie will be laid to rest. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. tomorrow a judge will sentence former penn state coach jerry sandusky. earlier this year, a jury convicted sandusky for abusing boys he met through a charity for at risk children. sandusky's lawyer says he made some bad decisions, but sandusky is innocent of all the charges. >> jerry has always said his mistake was using bad judgment and doing some of the things that led up to the accusations, getting showers with kids. he said he should have realized that obviously that isn't the thing to do. but he has always maintained and still maintains his innocence. >> the 68-year-old could receive life in prison. convicted killer joran van der sloot is reportedly going to be a father. he has gotten a woman pregnant
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while serving his 28-year sentence in a dutch prison. they cite van der sloot's lawyer saying that a woman became pregnant during an unsupervised visit in the prison. he killed flores in 2010 and is wanted in the u.s. in connection with the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba in 2005. more than half of all children with autism have run away from home. that's according to a study released by the kennedy krieger institute in baltimore. in most cases, the kids weren't confused about where they were, they typically ran off to find a place they enjoyed or get away from a situation that made them anxious. this makes sense since autistic patients often lack the social skills to check in with their parents. it may be an itsy bitsy
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spider, but it shut down construction in san antonio. it's a bracken back weaver. no one has seen one in 30 years. it's protected because it's on the conservation protection list. they had the site deemed a spider habitat, halting construction. >> what's significant is it's the first time we've seen it in 30 years. a lot of people thought this guy was extinct, and then it just showed up. it's kind of exciting. >> stopping this project when we've only seen a couple of these spiders in decades really doesn't make a lot of sense. >> aaron, you agree with that, apparently. the project was supposed to cost about $15 million and relieve a lot of traffic congestion. now traffic officials are finding a way to reconfigure the project. >> i currently don't have enough information to make a decision. a scary scene at the racetrack. more than 20 cars collide in the
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final seconds of the race. take a look. >> there's contact! stewart into the middle of the pack and over. >> pretty incredible video here. during the final lap of a race, right as tony stewart was to be the first to cross the finish line, michael waltrip turns him and causes an accident. 20 cars were involved. nobody got seriously hurt. matt kenseth was declared the winner there. >> i can't believe nobody got hurt. >> those guys are so well protect. we're lucky no one gets seriously hurt in these races. talking about the weather, we've all been shivering this morning. now we're side, and it's nice and warm. still a lot of people that have to hit the road. >> veronica johnson is keeping an eye on the forecast. when you do hit the road, you'll definitely need the coat. we've been starting out 30s and 40s. 46 degrees reagan national airport with a cold wind at 5 to
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10 miles per hour. look at the cold. not just here, but other parts of the country. the ohio value yirblevalley, th midsection in the 30s. showers for us later today, probably starting about 11:00 a.m. to noontime, and that rain will continue overspreading the area as we get into the afternoon hours around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, wet weather coming through. even for the evening rush, some wet weather around our area. let's take a look at the four-day forecast. high today, 56. tomorrow 63 with some sunshine. and looking pretty nice on wednesday, the high 72 with dry conditions. let's hit the roads now. federal holiday today. hov restrictions lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland. southbound 270 looking good. no serious delays at hydes town and looking good at falls road. 6:22 right now. some controversy coming to a metro station near you. what could be in place as soon as today.
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three, two, one, and liftoff. liftoff of the spacex falcon 9 rocket. >> a spacecraft on its way into space. spacex launched its unmanned falcon rocket from cape canaveral. it's headed to the international space station with 1,000 pounds of cargo. you might remember a similar launch back in may. that was more of a test than a delivery. it will stay there about three weeks before returning to earth. a consumer alert this morning for pet owners. a common ingredient in pet shampoos could lead to a serious reaction. an ingredient called d-limonene is an oil extract. several cases have been reported lately where both cats and dogs have suffered from serious infections both topically and internally. d-limonene is not recommended for use on dogs or cats. 6:26 is our time. the company at the center of a rare and deadly outbreak taking a bold step. plus a can shoishocking cri
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local neighborhood where a man woke up to find a dead body on his doorstep. plus a cancer survivor violated in plain sight. what she says a tsa agent did.
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breaking news. police open fire on a suspect this morning. what led to that violence in a live update. also, spreading outbreak. this morning more cases and a major step from the company blamed for a meningitis outbreak. and controversy coming to a station near you. what metro must put in place by today. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff, in for eun yang. this morning we're talking about tumbling temperatures. take a look. right now many of you are waking up in the 30s. meteorologist veronica johnson is live on the storm team 4 weather deck. are you bundled? >> i ran out here without my
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nice warm jacket, coat this morning. i know i'm only out here ever so briefly. it is cold enough, though, that i can see my breath. that's where you know you need the nice warm jacket. we're seeing temperatures this morning, folks, in the 30s to 40s. in fact, we've got a frost advisory out just west of the area around frostburg and west of winchester, down around petersburg. and a freeze warning in morgantown and elkins. it's the real high spots, the higher elevations of west virginia, as rain comes in, where they could change over and see a few wet flakes late today and during the early part of the night. temperatures out there right now, as i said, 30s and 40s. foggy bottom, you're one of our warm spots at 46. centerville and shan tilly, good morning to you. 40 degrees in virginia. forest heights at 43. gaithersburg and damascus, 39 degrees. 36 in mt. aerie. let me take you back to where we got a chance to clear out.
6:32 am
partly cloudy sky with high pressure losing its influence. all that green down to the south is rain making its way into our area. nice warm jacket for the morning and an umbrella for later. showers with a high just 53 degrees. by noontime, we're up to 53. sun's up today at 7:11. let's take a look at traffic now. things are looking good right now on the beltway. federal holiday today. delays pretty light. hov restrictions with the exception of 50 in maryland. no serious worries on eastbound 66. here we are at sudley road. no serious backups. also looking good at nutley. an 11-minute ride fairfax county parkway to the beltway at 66. marc trains and the vre have been cancelled for the federal holiday. aaron? is >> thank you, mike. breaking news in silver spring. a man rushed to the hospital after a cop shot him. news 4's megan mcgrath live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning,
6:33 am
aaron. you can see we still have an active scene here. officers down the road a little bit focusing their efforts, their investigation on a home just a little bit down the street here. we're on flora lane. this began to unfold early this morning. police received information that a man was distressed, that he was threatening to harm himself and possibly others. he ended up at the home of his girlfriend in silver spripng. police arrived on the scene and told the girlfriend and her family to stay in the home. the man was down around the back of the home in the area of the basement stairwell when police arrived on the scene. we're told there was some kind of confrontation, some altercation between this man and police that arrived. police believed him to be armed, possibly with a gun, and dangerous. again, there was some sort of altercation, and police opened fire, striking the man multiple times. he was transported to an area hospital. we are told that he is still alive.
6:34 am
now, all of this still under investigation. they're trying to piece together exactly what happened. we have seen a woman and several children inside an ambulance here on the scene. they do not appear to be harmed in any way, and they've been talking to investigators. but we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. reporting live in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> megan, thank you. our other top story, the pharmacy that distributed a steroid linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak is recalling all of its products. the new england compounding center says the move is just a precaution, and there's no indication any other products were contaminated. the centers for disease control now reporting 91 cases of fungal meningitis in nine states connected to the massachusetts health facility. seven people have died, including one person in maryland and one person in virginia. they were all treated with contaminated steroids for back pain. this morning a man is recovering after being shot by police in bladensburg.
6:35 am
officers were called to 55th avenue around 7:00 last night to talk to a woman who reported being threatened. shortly after police got to the scene, an officer says a man with a knife approached him outside. >> the officer confronted the suspect, gave him several verbal commands, and ordered him to drop the knife. the suspect refused to comply with the orders and, in fact, advanced on the officer. the officer, fearing for his life, fired his issued firearm and struck the suspect. >> pol say the suspect suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, and at lt check w listed in stable condition at a local hospital. >> police are trying to figure out who killed a man and left his body on the doorstep of a home in northern virginia. police were called to the 5400 block of broadmoor street early saturday morning. they found the body of mark earl ives outside the home there. police say he had trauma to his
6:36 am
upper body. sources tell news 4 he appeared to have a wound to his head. authorities do believe the victim knew the killer. today you may notice controversial ads promoting israel in some metro stations. metro says it will post the ads for the american freedom defense initiative. the transit agency refused to show the ads, which equate muslim extremists to savages. they said it's concerned about the backlash the ads would cause based on the violent protests to an anti-islam video last month. a federal judge ruled they had to put up the ads or violate the afdi's rights. these ads will appear on some buses and in the pet worth, "u" street, takoma, and glenmont stations. a breast cancer survivor had to undergo an embarrassing pat down going through airport security. marcia dietrich went through the body scan in kansas city, was pulled aside and forced to go
6:37 am
through a patdown. she has silicone breast implants and major scar tissue from reconstructive tissue. then what happened next left her mortified. >> i'm standing here with my arms in the air, and somebody is feeling my chest. everyone is looking at me wondering what does this woman have on her chest? what is wrong with her chest? >> the agent never offered her a private patdown. tsa released a statement saying that sometimes it is necessary to do a physical patdown when a body scan detects something out of the ordinary. tsa tries to make the process as uninvasive as possible while keeping passengers safe. >> the "today" show is coming up at 7:00. let's check in with savannah guthrie to see what they're working on this morning. coming up on a monday morning on "today," an early taste of winter for millions of americans. frost and freeze warnings from new york all the way down to texas. even snow in some places already.
6:38 am
we're going to tell you how long this will last. also ahead, the man behind coney 2012 opens up about his very public meltdown in an exclusive morning interview. then a brawl caught on tape between two wedding parties in a philadelphia hotel. police want to know if that led to one guest's deadly heart attack. we'll have more on this storsto. and then a popular bog that mocks parents who over share about their kids onlip. is it all in fun or mean spirited when she joins us on a monday morning here on "today"? >> don't she call that sharenting, parents who share too much. >> oh, sharenting, that's kwcut. >> we'll be tuning in for that. 6:38 is our time right now. ahead, the fall favorite that may be in short supply this year. plus questions being raised about how the redskins handled robert griffin iii's injury.
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why the nfl may come calling today. i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
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forget the limousine. jay-z arrived at a concert in new york city this weekend via the subway. other surprised riders snapped these pictures. they say he got on the brooklyn bound "r" train on canal street saturday night and took the train to new york's barclay center where he performed his last of eight concerts there. that's the new arena in brooklyn where the basketball team plays, he's part owner of the team, brooklyn nets. >> he's just sticking to his roots. >> you just cause a problem at
6:43 am
that point. you're that big of a celebrity, get out of the way. >> let's check in with veronica to find out about the weather. it's cold. >> i wish the cold could get out of the way. it's quite cold this morning. in the 30s in many neighborhoods this morning. at least it is dry right now. culpeper at 39. colesville, ashton, and wheaton at 39 degrees too. reston coming in at 40 degrees. where's the wet weather? it's right there. coming through areas of southern west virginia, out of kentucky, and out of areas of tennessee. i think it's going to be arriving here about 11:00 a.m. to about lunchtime. it is going to turn wet. hometown forecast, 50 degrees. today's high, 56 degrees. pretty chilly and feeling like november today. mike? >> thank you very much, veronica. things are looking good right now onto the beltway. no reports of any serious accidents. hov restrictions lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland. no serious backups to worry
6:44 am
about. just east of 301 looking great in each direction. going to take you about eight minutes to get there to the beltway. angie? >> thanks, mike. today governor martin o'malley is teaming up with baltimore ravens player brendon ayanbadejo to support same sex marriage. last month the linebacker made headlines when he appeared in a video by marylanders for marriage equality. redskins up over the concussion that caused griffin's concussion. the nfl will look into how the team handled information it received regarding rg3's injury. teams must provide accurate and timely injury information. the skins announced that griffin had, quote, been shaken up and his return to the game was questionable.
6:45 am
team doctors will examine the rookie qb again today. he tweeted after the game that he's feeling better and plans on playing next weekend. his teammates say it was scary seeing him go down and not get up. >> he's a tough kid. obviously, you wish the best for him. he's very important. that's the nfl. you have injuries. >> he's taken some hits this year, and every time you kind of hold your breath and hope everything's okay. this time, unfortunately, he went down, and i just hope he's okay for next week. >> the coach about come out and say he suffered a mild concussion. rg3 must clear the nfl's concussion protocol before he could practice or play again. one of the nationals lesser known role players is being hailed as a hero today. tyler moore helped the nats win game one of the national league division seer iirieseries. his pinch-hit scored the tying and winning runs yesterday, and the nationals beat the cardinals 3-2. moore admits he was a little nervous when he was at bat.
6:46 am
>> coming off the bench in front of 50,000 people. it's crazy. i've been in that position before, and i was able to calm mid-down and just put the barrel on it. >> the nationals will look to take a commanding two game series lead today in st. louis. first pitch scheduled for just after 4:30. and major league baseball hasn't said what time the nats home game will start on wednesday. if you're going to the game, however, ddot is urging you to get to the ballpark early. it will have officers directing traffic before and after the game. normal parking rules will be enforced. ddot is suggesting that you use metro, if possible. >> and that ball is hit well to left. mclouth back to the track, to the wall, and it's gone. >> orioles fans not celebrating. the o's fell to the yankees in the first game of the american
6:47 am
league division series. that game was tied at 2 in the ninth when the yankees scored six runs. final score 8-2. that game started more than 2 1/2 hours late because of rain. that was the first postseason game played in baltimore in 15 years. this morning, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is closing the gap in the latest poll. according to the politico/george washington university poll, if the election were held today, 49% of americans would vote for the president, and 48% would vote for romney. today mitt romney will deliver a major foreign policy speech. the speech, called the mental of leadership, is the candidate's tenth foreign policy address since 2011. the former massachusetts governor links the attack on the american consulate in benghazi last month to al qaeda saying, "the attacks on america last month should not be seen as
6:48 am
random acts. they are expressions of a larger struggle playing out across the middle east. these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence to impose their dark ideology on others." today president obama will wrap up his two-day fund-raising trip in california. he will also announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. at a concert, he poked fun at himself in a recent debate performance. >> everyone here is incredible professionals, such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> last night president obama attended a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. the pressure is on for this thursday's vice presidential debate. vice president joe biden is taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare. biden has suggested he wants to
6:49 am
address the differences between himself and his republican counterpart in the aftermath of president obama's lackluster performance in his debate with romney. inchts kid ro kid rock is joining republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the campaign trail today. this isn't the first time he's attended gop events. kid rock attended a fund-raising event in august and at the republican national convention in tampa. virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc news/wall street journal/marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49%-44%. "meet the press'" tidavid grego
6:50 am
moderated the panel last week. the washington humane society found murray yesterday. on friday murray's owner was jogging with the dog when she was confronted by another jogger. she says the man grabbed murray's leacsh, but he slipped out of his collar and disappeared. the man then allegedly grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she screamed for help, and the man ran off. murray, meanwhile, has a broken leg but is expected to be just fine. 6:50 is our time. a very secretive announcement from one of the world's largest retailers. cnbc's courtney reagan is live with more. walmart plans to make a major offer this morning. the companies aren't releasing any details. all we know is walmart continues to serve low income customers who have little to no credit, by providing things like check cashing with low fees.
6:51 am
there is an apple shortage on the horizon, and it's not of the iphone variety. this year's apple crop is down 14% fr last year. a warming spree in march caused trees to bud early. then a cold snap in april killed off apple blosblossoms. more than half of new york's harvest was destroyed and 90% in michigan. that could push up retail prices by $1 a pound and boost juice prices by 20% or more. not good. back to you. >> courtney reagan, thank you. >> we love apples. >> we do. all apple eaters here for sure. >> we don't want it influencing the price of apple juice, especially moms out there. >> 6:51 is our time right now. time for weather and traffic on the ones. a little frost on this morning's fruit too and some of the morning flowers. in fact, there have been frost advisories and freeze warnings up west of our area. we're seeing this big cold blast come in. this is probably the most widespread we've seen in the fall. you can see all the blue on our
6:52 am
national map here. wanting to show you, in case you've got travel plans up north. areas of pboston and new york city in the 40s. taking up so much of the country this cold air that's come in. our temperature, as we get ready to see the sunrise, it's 7:11 today, by the way. 46 with a partly cloudy sky. the cloud cover is going to be going the wrong way, at least if you like the sunshine. we're going to be cloudy and showers by 11:00 a.m. to noontime. charleston, just west of roanoke, virginia, down toward london. in fact, heavy rain down through areas of tennessee. for us, i don't think we're going to see any heavy rain today. we will see showers continue as the area of low pressure tracks on right through the north and east. 3:00 today, here's your rain. gaithersburg, front royal, manassas into d.c. 7:00 today, still wet. around that area of low
6:53 am
pressure, everyone will be seeing some showers today right through the evening. and then clearing out tomorrow. at least we're going to be getting sunshine in here tomorrow. today cool. 56 degrees is it for a high temperature today. 63 tomorrow. 72 on wednesday. and dry and lovely by midweek. let's get another look at first 4 traffic. mike? >> thank you, veronica. things looking good onto the beltway. let's take a look at the beltway in maryland. no serious worries as you make the trip to 270. here we are at connecticut avenue. outer loop heading towards the screen. and the beltway also looking good in virginia. no serious problems there. taking a live look at the little river turnpike at the beltway. no serious problems. about a six-minute ride from the wilson bridge to van dorn, at speed there. metro ps aon a weekend schedule. no vre or marc rail service because of the holiday. seven minutes before 7:00. some parts of the country are
6:54 am
feeling a little relief at the pump while others of us are still dealing with pain at the pump. aaa reports the average is $3.86 for regular unleaded in the district. maryland, $3.70 right now. in virginia you're playing on average $3.60 for regular unleaded. in west virginia, your average price is $3.89. and the national average is '3.82. we could live out west. prices jumped two cents overnight to a record breaking average of $4.66 a gallon in california. some are paying $5 or more per gallon at some stations. the prices jumped last week after a power outage at a refinery. today is the last day for foodies to enjoy the taste of d.c. it features more than 50 of the area's best restaurants and food trucks. the admission is $10. taste of d.c. is from noon until
6:55 am
7:00 tonight. pennsylvania avenue will be closed off between 9th and 14th streets. breaking news in silver spring this morning. an update for you right now. we are told that people are waking up to a crime scene. news 4's megan mcgrath live with the latest. >> reporter: aaron, you can see the flora lane just off of georgia avenue remains closed. police a little further down the road here, concentrating their efforts, their investigation outside a home here near the intersection with woodlawn road. this began to unfold early this morning. police got report of a man who they believe to be armed, possibly armed and threatening to harm himself, possibly others. he ended up here at the home of his girlfriend. the girlfriend and her children were inside the home. police told her to stay put. they arrived here on the scene. there was some sort of an altercation with that man and police offers at the rear of the home near the stairwell by the basement.
6:56 am
police believed the man to be armed and possibly dangerous. there was this altercation. at some point police opened fire and struck the man several times. he was transported to an area hospital, but we are told that he is alive. reporting live in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, megan. we'll have updates throughout the morning. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and any breaking news. try to stay warm, everybody. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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